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The equipment of the competition venue. (regulations)

The site for the competition

The competition area is a square measuring at least 14x14 meters. The site must have a flat surface, excluding injuries. In the center of the competition area is laid tatami, forming a square on which fights are held, and a safety zone - 2 meters. The strip separating these two zones is called the tatami border (it is included in the working zone, i.e. athletes can perform active actions on it) and is marked in red. The width of the border is 1 meter, it is part of the tatami and is parallel to the four sides of the competition area. The size of the site inside the border, including it-10x10 meters. The outer edge of the border is the tatami border. The area outside the tatami border is called a security zone. The security zone should also be covered with tatami and should be at least 2 meters wide. If two or more competition grounds are placed together, the total safety area between them must be at least 4 metres wide.

At a distance of 0.9 m from the center of the tatami, two parallel lines of 0.5 m length of white and red (1.8 m between the lines) are applied, serving as the initial boundaries for the participants. At a distance of 0.9 m from the center of the carpet, perpendicular to these lines, a judge's line of 0.5 m is also applied, on which the referee is located before the start of the match, or when it is resumed. All lines have a width of 5-10 cm.
At the corners of the tatami there are chairs of side judges. The chairs should be safe for use in Arashi-MMA competitions, namely, the chairs should be plastic without sharp corners, easy to move if necessary. On the left and right sides at the entrance to the tatami there are chairs for athletes preparing for the exit and their seconds. The judge in the parties in control of the training of an athlete and ensure the timely release him to a duel. Also exposed chairs for seconds (output) of each athlete, from the exit of the athlete on the platform.


Tatami is a Mat, usually yellow or blue, with dimensions of 2x1 m, made of polymeric materials. Mats should have the hardness and necessary elasticity to mitigate falls, should not be slippery and rough. Mats should be laid without cracks, they should not be displaced and their surface should be equal.

The judges' table

The referee's table is located next to the court, but no closer than 3.5 m from the tatami border. On the table should lie Gong or device for applying sound signal, two stopwatch, signal bag, either a remote control and electronic scoreboard, 2 (two) microphone on one Playground.

Place for medical staff (medical post)

It is located to the right of the judge's table, but no closer than 3.5 m from its border. Medical workers and their places of accommodation should have clearly visible distinctive signs and free access to the site where fights take place.

Requirements to places of competitions

The coefficient of natural lighting of the hall should be 1:5, 1: 6, artificial lighting - not less than 600 Lux. Tatami-should be lit from above by lamps of the reflected or scattered light with a protective grid. When holding competitions indoors, the temperature should be from +15 to +25 degrees Celsius. Humidity - from 40 to 70%.
Ventilation should provide three times the exchange of air per hour.
When competing outdoors, the temperature should be between +15 and +25 degrees Celsius. The site must be protected from direct sunlight.
Spectator seats must be at least 3.5 m away from the tatami.
There are places for athletes to warm up, locker rooms, toilet and shower rooms.
It is necessary to ensure the safety of athletes and spectators by the police or security service.
The height of the platform should not exceed 1.2 m

Gong, scales, stopwatches, wristbands

The beep (Gong) can be any system, but loud and with good timbre sound.
The scales for weighing the participants must be correct and accurately adjusted. The number of scales for weighing the participants is determined by the chief judge.
Stopwatches or electrosecondometers must have a device to stop and turn on without resetting the minute and second readings until the end of the match.
Referee wristbands should be two colors (red and black), one different color for each side judge.

Information Board (scoreboard)

To inform spectators and participants about the course of the match in the place most convenient for the work of the jury of the competition and observation of the audience, set a Board or electronic Board, which displays the assessments received by participants in the course of the match (optional – number match, country, city, region, club name and the name and number of the athlete).
To inform participants and representatives about the Programme, schedule and course of events to set the stand where you posted the protocols of the competitions, participants and other background information.
The size and design of the stand, the place of its installation are agreed in advance with the organizers and the Secretariat of the competition.


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