Equipment Equipment

Gi (kimono) and No-Gi (shorts and rashguard)

The athlete wears equipment on the naked body depending on the versions “Gi “- (Dogi-kimono)
and ”No-Gi” – (shorts and rashguard) except for the women’s categories.

Экипировка спортсменов АРАШИ-ММА включает в себя следующий перечень элементов:

  • Version “Gi” (Dogi-kimono) – should be white. The norm is the length of the sleeves – below elbow (must cover elbows);
  • The belt must match the athlete’s qualifications;
  • Helmet: Children, boys, juniors, adults-Boxing helmet with cheekbone protection, black and red (without metal and plastic protection);
  • Bandages for fixing the hands and wrists are allowed no more than 1.5 m long (at the discretion of the athlete);
  • Burl;
  • Protectors on the groin (shell);
  • Breast protectors (cuirass) – for all female categories;
  • Overlays (gloves) on hands gripping-shock with open fingers and the opened palm for MMA (the mixed types of single combats by the foreseen rules.):
    • а) Children: ages 6-11 years lining (MMA-size “L”) red and black,
    • б) Boys and juniors: age 12-17 years, lining (MMA-size “L”) red and black and color,
    • в) Adults: age 18+ and older, lining (MMA-size “XL”) red and black.
  • Shin guards with foot protection: for children, youth, juniors, and adults.


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